Zurich as a research and university center

Zurich is of global importance as a research and university center. Apart from the major cantonal institutions – the University of Zurich and the Zürcher Fachhochschule – the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, the ETH Zurich, makes a major contribution to our reputation. Individual schools, departments and institutes enjoy an international reputation and our institutions always rank well internationally.

Other scientific institutions with a special profile also belong to Zurich as a research and university center: the research institutions of the ETH, namely the EAWAG, the EMPA, the WSL and the PSI; but also,e.g. the Swiss federal government's agricultural research organisation in Wädenswil (Agroscope). As far as Zurich as a research center is concerned, there are also other research institutions such as the Zentralbibliothek (central library) and the Sozialarchiv (social archives).

Private companies also make a considerable contribution to Zurich's attractiveness as a research and university center such as the IBM Research Laboratory in Rüschlikon, Sulzer Innotec in Winterthur and the European research and development center set up in Zurich by Google.